Information about Asset Excess

How it works

How it works

Our team has seen the massive inefficencys in the New Zealand market when it goes to disposing of business assets.

There is often a siginifcant amount of good quality business assets for sale on any given day, yet the cost of transport and storage coupled with the relative low cost of new furniture makes it hard to run a sustainable business.

Meanwhile there are plenty of start ups, construction projects  and charities that would love access to good quality used assets

Why don't we just use Trade Me?

Listings can last as long as you want?
Moving a business is a costly exercise  that requires months of advance planning and has a lot of parties involved. Running an auction that lasts for 2 weeks does not allow enough time for both parties to organise logistics.

To fix this we allow you to include a "Move Out Date" so that both parties know what time frame they are working to.

Ability to List Free Items

In certain cases the book value or storage costs outweigh any value that would be acheived from selling the item so we have made it easy for you to list and customers to find items that are being given away.


Initially there will be no costs for listing items. We expect this to last for around 6 months. From there we will charge an annual membership fee that will allow you to list  multiple products with no success fees and no time limit on how long listings will last

Up to 10 products at a time
Up to 50 products at a time
Up to 100 products at a time
$39 + GST per year
$79 + GST per year
$129 + GST per year